Working With Data And Plotting

Mar 7, 2016

Come on Monday, March 7 from 5-6:30pm in the D-Lab (356 Barrows).


Today, we will work with the pandas library in Python to read external data, conduct analysis, and do some plotting. This is the Excel equivalent in Python — and you'll be surprised of its possibilities!

Please do, at minimum, run through the beginner tutorial and try to follow the setup instructions. Also, we'd love if you can go through these exercises. If you get stuck, we can help: email me here or stop by the D-Lab in 356 Barrows.

Meeting notes

Links from today:

  • Here is the link to Raymond Yee's excellent syllabus using IPython notebooks:

  • Gravitational Waves data via Jupyter Notebook:

  • Python for Social Science online textbook:

  • Our lessons today: (Just sections 1 and 2)

  • Another lesson worth checking out:

We will have another meeting next week on APIs and Webscraping. And hopefully, we can work on a project together.