Python Projects

Mar 28, 2016

Come on Monday, March 28 from 5-6:30pm in the D-Lab (356 Barrows).


Today, we will discuss the use of Python in a programming project. We will brainstorm some ideas, and also look at open Python projects that other groups are working on. We will also discuss using Git and Github for version control and collaboration. This is the day to attend if you want to build something in a collaborative manner.

Please do, at minimum, run through the beginner tutorial and try to follow the setup instructions. Also, we'd love if you can go through these exercises. If you get stuck, we can help: email me here or stop by the D-Lab in 356 Barrows.


We tried exploring this project today, but I think it was a little out-of-reach:

Next week, we will focus on APIs (via another tutorial from Rochelle Terman's PS239T). The notes for next week are right here:

Going forward, we can split into a few groups who want to explore projects that we can write from scratch. (That way, we have a good handle on what's going on). Using an API may help. (Maybe, we can query the NYTimes API for something, as in the tutorial…)

Also, if you want more practice in Python, I recommend: